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This adjustable abdominal flattening board after surgery is ideal after going through liposuction, lipo or tummy tuck cosmetic surgery due to its comfort, safety, and modern design. It's unnoticeable under any look after surgery.

Postsurgical accessory.

Great post lipo op accessory for post-surgery girdles.

Helps the skin to adhere to the muscle after undergoing a liposuction or lipo surgery.

Reduces bruising, swelling and fluid retention.

Flattens the tummy evenly avoiding unwanted folds.

Offers more coverage around the waist.

Designed to provide uniform comfort and compression.

Composition: Body: 100% Polystyrene/Lining: 88% Nylon 12% Elastane

Standard size: 85cm / 24cm

Available in Beige.

M & D 360 Abdominal 360 Foam Board 0101

Hors TVA
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