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Worried about sleeping after bbl?

Luxeheal has you covered

In order to avoid squeezing the buttocks when sleeping, it is recommended to use a inflatable BBL bed to sleep comfortably on your back.

【Protect Your Buttocks】The BBL mattress with hole after surgery fits patients with the widest part of hips between 17in -21in. If the hole is too big, pillows can be placed on the edge of the hole to adjust the size of the hole, which can make you sleep better and more comfortably.

Inflation-The BBL post surgery supplies kit for sleep only needs to be inflated to 80% saturation, to avoid over-inflating and causing the product to crack.

【How To Preserve The Air In The Brazilian Butt Lift mattress? 】Press down firmly with both hands, making sure that the valve cover is against the bottom of the valve with no gaps. (Due to the stretchability of the PVC material of the BBL bed, there will be a slow air leakage process for the first use, and air needs to be replenished every day, and the subsequent air only needs to be replenished every 2-3 days.)

Come with pump ‼️

BBL Mattress with pump

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